Developing awareness and increasing take-up of Core Maths

We have been working with the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) and the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) to develop some resources which we hope will support the take-up of Core Maths. The short films and briefings build on our research findings, and allow a range of participants to talk about maths, and the importance of Core Maths in particular, for life, education and work.

Resource 1: Offering, Teaching and Studying Core Maths

In the first briefing and film, we highlight the mainly positive response to this new qualification from teachers and students who have taught and studied it.

Resource 2: Teaching Core Maths

The second film and briefing focus on teaching Core Maths, and the national mathematics education programmes for teachers in the form of the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme and the Maths Hubs.


Resource 3: Studying Core Maths: ‘No Downsides’

The third film and briefing focus on students’ experiences of Core Maths, their views about what it is like to study this new course, and the benefits they believe it has given them.


Resource 4: A Competitive Advantage

Finally, in the fourth of this series of briefings and short films, we look at the competitive advantage offered to students who take Core Maths, in terms of how this new qualification can enhance a student’s profile.


Huge thanks to Paul Brannigan at getvideo, and to Claire Baldwin at the AMSP and Howard Astley-Jones at the NCETM, for working with us to produce these materials. Also, thanks to the ESRC impact acceleration funding that supported this work.