Talk at UCL IOE

  • Date:
  • Location: UCL IOE, London

Matt and Rachel will be giving a talk over-viewing the project findings. Full details below:

Can Core Maths solve the post-16 maths problem? Findings of a three-year research project

Matt Homer and Rachel Mathieson

Core Maths, a set of post-16 AS-sized qualifications first taught in 2014, is intended to increase post-16 maths participation in England from its low rate. This is seen by government as a major priority, with poor maths skills hindering economic competitiveness, impacting on higher education and employment, and undermining the ability of citizens to participate fully in a data-rich, democratic society.

In this seminar, we report on the findings of three-year, mixed-methods, longitudinal study on Core Maths funded by the Nuffield Foundation looking at the challenges and successes this new qualification has faced over the first few years of its existence.
We find that, whilst uptake has been slower than policy-makers might have hoped (current entry numbers around 10K), students and teachers have found Core Maths useful, motivating and supportive of other subjects (e.g. Biology, Geography, Business Studies). The importance of signalling the value of maths, and Core Maths in particular, by government, employers and HE is highlighted as crucial to the long-term success of this important curriculum innovation.