Matt and Rachel will be giving a talk over-viewing the project findings. Full details below: Can Core Maths solve the post-16 maths problem? Findings of a three-year research project Matt Homer and Rachel Mathieson Core Maths, a set of post-16 AS-sized qualifications first taught in 2014, is intended to increase post-16 maths participation in England…

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Rachel is giving a talk as follows at the BSRLM meeting in Cambridge in March 2020: “Core Maths should prepare students for vocational and academic study.” Does it? Rachel Mathieson and Matt Homer Core Maths qualifications, now in the sixth year of being offered, are intended to contribute towards increasing post-16 maths participation in England….
Rachel and Matt are giving an overview of the project findings at a 14-18 maths qualifications of the Joint Mathematical Council. The title of the presentation is Core Maths: Filling the post-16 maths ‘gap’ in England?
This is our main dissemination event in the region. We will also be having an event in London at a date to be confirmed. You can read a report of what was discussed at the Leeds event here.
Rachel presented findings from our study at this event. Her talk was titled Core Maths: Exploring findings
Matt and Rachel presented study findings at the Post-16 Pathways Contact Group – the talk was entitled: Core Maths – solving the post-16 participation problem?
Matt and Rachel spoke at the AMSP national team meeting. Their talk was entitled : Core Maths project: Findings and discussion
Rachel gave talk at this meeting entitled ‘Core Maths research: Exploring findings’
Rachel spoke at the Maths Hubs national meeting – her talks was entitled Core Maths: Exploring findings
We will be running a session on Core maths and solving the post-16 mathematics problem.
Rachel and Matt have been invited to present the findings from the project at this meeting of HE representatives with an interest in admissions. Here is our abstract: Core Maths research project team at University of Leeds Dr Matt Homer and Dr Rachel Mathieson, School of Education, University of Leeds In this session, Dr Matt…