Budget follow-up – where does the £600 figure come from?

Here, we are trying to make sense of what the £600 will mean to schools/colleges. It’s a bit like doing a Core maths problem.

Core Maths qualifications come with 180 Guided Learning Hours attached (this is the same as an AS-level).

So: £600 divided by 180 hours per student = £3.33 per student per hour

The standard funding formula is £4,000 per student per year
Each student is expected to have 600 GLH
So £4,000 divided over those 600 GLH = £6.66 per student per hour

Is it a coincidence that the money pledged in the budget for additional level 3 students works out at exactly half the standard rate of funding?

will this be enough to encourage institutions to start doing Core maths, or to increase their existing provision?

Any thoughts?