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This work is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and the full title of the project is The early take-up of Core Mathematics: successes and challenges.

The project runs from March 2017 to March 2020.


**NEW SUMMER 2019**

If you are a post-16 maths teacher or manager, please complete our level 3 maths provision survey.

There is a prize of £250 to encourage participation!

Do share with colleagues/networks.

Many thanks.


Essentially, we are investigating how provision of this new and important post-16 mathematics qualification is developing across England. We are interested in the reasons why it is succeeding in certain institutions, and the barriers to its success in others.

If you want to contribute to the research please Get Involved. We are particularly keen to hear the views of higher education instituitons, and schools/colleges who have considered offering Core Maths but have decided not to.

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Rachel is leading as seminar in Durham on 5th June. More details here.


Matt and Rachel will be presenting findings from our project at this meeting in Birmingham in June 2019. Further details...


Matt and Rachel will be presenting findings from our project at this meeting in London in June 2019. Further details...


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We have now been into our case study schools and colleges twice – once in the autumn of 2017, and...


Here, we are trying to make sense of what the £600 will mean to schools/colleges. It’s a bit like doing...


In the Autumn 2017 budget, the Chancellor announced a £600 maths premium for every additional student who takes Core Maths...